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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  July 13, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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latest details >> reporter: she provided daycare inside her home a few hours before parents would arrive to drop off their children. 38-year-old jill assault and battery died by her husband's hands. paramedics transported her to baltimore washington medical center, where she was pronounced dead an hour later. police arrested her husband stephen 18 years her senior and charged him with murder as well as assault for allegedly turning the knife on another family member. >> during the assault one of the other individuals inside the home a female intervened and sustained lacerations to the hands. >> reporter: that victim was saab's daughter who risked her own life trying to save that of her mother during the attack. jill saab was seeking a divorce from her husband. jeff hager abc2 news. police departments in our
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area trying to identify potential domestic violence victims before they become a statistic. they ask 12 questions when responding to these calls. we've posted those questions on our web site at it's featured in our story section. we have the quiz that will help you or someone you know understand the warning signs of domestic violence. a 23-year-old aberdeen man is charged with raping a woman in halfty grace sunday night. officers on patrol stopped the woman signaling for help in a car outside price's seafood in the 700 block of waters street. the 22-year-old woman told police she was sexually assaulted and raped by rondrae lark. he's facing several charges. police say lark and the victim were involved in a relationship. baltimore city police officer who fell off more than 20 feet being knocked over an embankment on i-83 last month is out of rehab and at home
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tonight. office information theresa rigby was seriously hurt when a driver lost control and struck her police cruiser on june 21st. she had several surgeries at shock trauma before going into rehab but again she's back at home tonight. weather wise briefly had a severe thunderstorm watch for some of our southern viewing area. anne arundel county northern part of the eastern shore that has been dropped by the national weather service. severe weather concerns deep south maryland into virginia tonight. there's the line of storms that came through. pretty gusty winds south of washington. but again you here the radar clearing off nicely. this evening through the 80s we go. variably cloudy. there will be storms well southeast. we'll talk more how things shape up into the weekend coming up. thanks a lot wyatt. an mta worker is dead because
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of meningitis. >> reporter: i guess the big line is the health department test tells us this type of meningitis is not airborne. family and friends are receiving antibiotics just to be safe but we're told they too are at low risk. early this morning the health department met with workers at the kurt avenue station there they addressed questions as best they could. >> after consultation with infectious disease experts at the state health department as well as the centers for disease control, we have determined that there is virtually no public health risk from this sad and unfortunate event. > >> reporter: all right again we have a 46-year-old mta worker dying of meningitis. the health department believes the general public is safe but they are going to keep a close tab on this situation as will we. jamie costello abc2 news. thanks a lot jamie. we have new information tonight on that fire that left about 25
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people in owings mills without a place to stay. we've also learned whether fire at the morning side apartment complex spread to some of the units. >> reporter: two stage three- alarm fire at the morning star apartment complex in owings mills destroyed 13 townhomes and left 25 people without a home. the baltimore county fire department says these older apartment complexes have a lot of void spaces within the roof that's why the fire was able to spread so quickly. and they now have a cause of the fire. >> we got the report from the investigators, and they have determined it was due to unattended cooking material. >> reporter: apartment managers and insurance agents were assessing the damage done to these 13 units. some residents who were displaced by the fire like mr. davis, who has been here for four years were looking at the damage done to the apartment complex. he says he's glad no life was lost and that the management
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team is helping. >> i didn't know if somebody called me and i came here and i looked at the whole building just like, you know, amazing. i couldn't believe it. thank god i had insurance. the complex worked with me real good. >> reporter: some of the families had been helped by management and the red cross. and once the managers and the insurance agents are done with their assessment on the damage and know the buildings are safe, the families will be allowed to go back in and get their belongings that survived the fire. in owings mills manny lock for abc2 news. baltimore county firefighters will be back in that neighborhood july 22nd speaking to residents if they have any concerns. well today the state's highest court upheld a ruling to dismiss bribery and perjury charges against city council woman helen local ton.
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prosecutors accused her of accepting money for a campaign poll from two developers. supposedly exchanged for voting on tax breaks for these harbor east project. last year local ton pleaded no contest to a lesser campaign violation and paid a 2,500- dollar fine. in tonight's consumer alert, chrysler is recalling 286,000 of its dodge ram pickup trucks. there apparently is some potential problems with the tie rod assemblies that could increase the width of a crash. the models include 2008 through 2011. the risk is highest when making a sharp 90-degree turn. chrysler still hasn't said when letters will go out to customers alerting them about that recall. tonight macy's has agreed to pay a civil penalty of $750,000 for failing to report that it sold children's sweatshirts, sweaters and
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jackets withdraw strings at the neck. the drawstrings are a choking hazard. the consumer product safety commission says macy's sold the items after the recall. almost 10 years after 9/11 we still may not be safe at airports throughout the country. coming up more on a disturbing report on airport security breaches. and it may seem kind of strange a seeing eye dog for a dog. we'll share duke and daisy's story coming up. kids no longer have to avoid certain fast food in chain restaurants. more on healthier choices on the kids menu. ♪
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. it's been almost 10 years since 9/11 shattered the country's sense of security and
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safety. tonight we're learning that airline passengers still may not be safe. in spied spite of stepped up security efforts thousands manage to get into secure areas of the airports. >> reporter: those responsible for keeping the skies safe for air travel are on the hot seat today after a government report revealed 25,000 security breaches in american airports in the 10 years since 9/11. >> a number in the thousands should be of concern to the american people all these many years after 9/11 and given the continuing threat from al- qaida. >> reporter: then there's the issue of the tsa's credibility among the traveling public. it seems for every breach like the stun gun recently found on a jetblue flight from boston to newark, there is video of a child or the elderly being subjected to intrusive screening. >> the challenges we have as a nation how do we become more secure and less invasive. >> reporter: testifying before a house subcommittee this morning the director of aviation at charlotte airport sounded like he wanted to give
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tsa the boot. >> congress should continue its support of allowing airports to opt f opt out of using tsa and ensure that the bureaucracy does not throw up arbitrary roadblocks from pursuing this alternative. >> reporter: then there's the question of the one billion dollars homeland security is spending on a program that is yet to catch a terrorist in 7 years. the spark program trains security officers to look for micro expressions of travelers that may be planning a terrorist attack. >> observing behavior is one of the basic tools that can be used at the airport, but obviously it is only one single tool in a much wider and more complex strategy. >> reporter: in a statement to abc news the tsa says the 25,000 breaches represent a fraction of 1% of the billions of people screened since 9/11.
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weather wise, yeah. kind of steamy here in the wake of a few showers that came through the city earlier. couple of storms down in southern maryland still. 76 right now as this rain cooling effects happen with that little boundary coming through earlier this afternoon. humidity way up there, 91%. it's sticky out. no question about that. we actually saw the skies darkening about 2:00, 3:00 this afternoon. that prefrontal storm boundary coming through ahead of the front sparking up a few storms especially down annapolis way. there's that down power. now things leveling out and most of the activity well down into deep south maryland. so, improving weather here, but storms continuing to trek down toward calvert county and beyond. you can see the line of storms clearing off to the south here on maryland's most powerful radar. main areas of concern are going to be the southern most tip of the state even south of d. c.
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and i don't expect to see much behind it although we do have one stray shower up here just north of reisterstown probably going to hit you in cockysville. you may get a brief shower but it's a pretty quick mover and pretty small rain shower at that. 76 in the wake of those mid afternoon showers at bwi. we were at 90 earlier. 75 necessary ton and 88 in hagerstown where temperatures are busing back. we see that a lot this time of year as rain showers coming through. the humidity just oppressive right now partly because of the showers just kind of steaming the ground a little bit. but there is drier air already into hagerstown and york. that dry air is going to punch in here overnight tonight and really make for better weather on thursday into friday. our east coast view right now showing a pretty active set up here. we've got that boundary pushing in out of the upper midwest. spark those showers earlier this afternoon.
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now widespread numerous scattered showers and storms all across the deep south any, but again as this boundary slowly pushes through overnight we'll see drier and milder conditions prevail into our day tomorrow. and that should hold up really into the first part of the weekend. may get more humid around here by sunday but a couple of dry days ahead as this front comes through tonight and clears us out nicely. thursday mostly sunny dry good weather. on friday, pretty much the same deal. generally clear, good weather, good start to the weekend. overnight tonight 65 partly cloudy there will be some late clearing out there. tomorrow your 2-degree guarantee 85 degrees mostly isn't he and more comfortable. tomorrow night forecast 62, mostly clear and cooler. yeah. cooler. kelly lakes the sound of that. 7-day forecast the trend is milder next several days. mid 80s. we'll probably get closer to 90 by sunday, but enjoy the next 2 to 3 days it will be muggy
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out there for another couple of hours, though, kelly probably through midnight. but better by tomorrow. >> okay. it wasn't bad today actually it was quite pleasant. >> and no upper 90s on the map. so that was nice. >> that was nice too. >> yes we like that. >> thanks a lot wyatt. you have probably seen them seeing eye dogs helping people around ha are blind. but you probably haven't heard of this one a seeing eye dog helping a dog that is blind. >> reporter: some things in life are predictable, find duke and you'll find daisy. >> let's go see the kids. >> reporter: they get along better together. without duke daisy goes bump a lot. >> she's 10 and completely blind. so, she follows his lead. >> reporter: that makes duke daisy the dog's seeing eye dog. she's also his mother and they have never been apart. but now the yellow labs are up for adoption because their
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owner's home was foreclosed on. it's a scenario the dog rescue group is seeing more often in our troubled economy. >> we get a lot of people wanting to surrender their dogs and having to. they don't have a choice. we try to accommodate as many as we can. we're completely foster based. >> reporter: what they have never seen is a partnership like this. dog trainer has been teaching daisy a warning command. but her best defense is still duke. >> he doesn't let her out of his sight too much. if she goes around the corner he's very quick to follow-up with where she is. >> reporter: you can see why secondhand hounds would like to adopt this pair out together. while you don't have to have deluxe accommodations like this, be nice whoever takes these dogs home has a fenced backyard to keep daisy from wandering off. >> it's kind of like having a toddler. if you have let's say steps on a deck or in the house, you have to have gates. you really have to be involved with a blind dog.
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>> hopefully they will get the help they need. in another animal related story this piggy coming up here may soon be out of a home. the owner of wilbur a potbellied pig in texas has gotten legal notice from her home owners soaks. association. pigs are not allowed. she is going to get petition to change the rules. wilbur has his own page on facebook. coming up everyone is looking for healthy but yet fast options. now some food chains are working to offer just that. the changes coming to children's menus in several restaurants. drinking water is the only way to stay hydrated but there is such a thing as drinking too much water. we'll explain. ♪
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you're the best, too... sweet tea... pie? aww, chipmunk. [ male announcer ] sweet tea and the mcdonald's dollar menu. . in tonight's health alert 19 fast food restaurants and chains including burger king chilis and ihop are going to offer more nutritious options on their menu for kids. that means bigger serves of fruits and vegetables. grains and low fat dairy. they will have less fats sugars and sodium. but the restaurant will do more to promote health year openings. >> chili's will serve a chicken sandwich with a sides of pineapple or mandarin oranges. chicken nuggets will have less sodium. so much for drinking those 8 glasses of water to lose
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weight or prevent kidney damage. a recent study says it could actually be harmful. the article in the british medical journal says there's no evidence that drinking water will help your health and drinking water when you're not thirsty can apparently even mess up your concentration. researchers say the benefits of drinking water are often exaggerated by groups who stands to profit from it. much of the deep south is under a heat advisory today meaning the heat combined with the humidity makes it feel like 105 degrees. all of this miserable heat can really make you sick. >> as you begin to heat up your body start to cool down you'll turn bright red as you try to bring blood to the surface of your skin your pulls become rapid, you begin to sweat profusely but you also may become weak and dizzy. and as you lose electrolytes and fluid you may get muscle cramping and you may become very, very fatigued. >> you need to watch out for the warning signs of heat exhaustion so it doesn't turn into something more dangerous.
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drink fluids, don't wait until you're thirsty before you start drinking. stay away from alcohol and beverages with lots of sugar which may cause you to become dehydrated. if you stay inside in the air condition do that if you can. if you don't have ac try to cool down by a fan or look for an air conditioned place like maybe the mal to give you some relief. if you have to work outdoors make sure you take breaks in the shade. we want to help you keep cool during this extreme weather. check out our web site, and click on the hot weather guide. you'll find it in our slide show. we've got some tips on helping you stay cool and also some ideas on how you can stay hydrated without just drinking water. well, a little here, a little there. many are cutting costs when every penny counts. but there is one cost that some are just not willing to cut. how we're all addicted to our cell phones. and the midwest is dealing with some extreme heat too. how one man took the time to answer the questions, is it really hot enough to fry an
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. my goal my agenda, i don't want him to die alone in prison. >> a baltimore county man is battling aggressive cancer has a request for compassionate release from prison denied. how his family is dealing with the news and what they are planning to do next. she was found not guilty in her daughter's murder but the legal troubles are not over for casey anthony. why she was served while in jail. and they aren't good for you but they sure are good to eat. it's national french fry day. but first devastating blow for a baltimore county man
5:28 pm
dealing with aggressive cancer and a prison sentence. henry coal's case for compassionate release has been denied and he's been ordered to return to prison to finish his term for tax evasion. joce sterman has details on how his family is taking the news. >> we'll do it. got to fight. >> reporter: the fight for the family of henry coal is now much tougher than when we first talked back in february. they say the pancreatic cancer that was attacking his body then has intensified. but so has their battle against the federal bureau of prisons. on friday cole, who has 16 of 36 months on tax evasion charges was denied compassionate release despite his medical condition. cole is now being treated at st. joseph's hospital for pain management. she's called the denial of his claim a death sentence. realization of a nightmare she's talked about fighting for months. >> my goal my agenda i don't
5:29 pm
want him to die alone in prison. >> reporter: but that is a real possibility. if and when cole is released from treatment at st. joce has two days to report back to federal prison to finish out the rest of his sentence. as for why his case was denied the federal bureau of prisons won't say citing privacy concerns. compassionate release are rarely granted. of the 40 requests heard by the director of bureau of prisons last year only 7 were approved. in 2009, 17 were released. but henry's may be beginning again as his life potentially comes to an end. now about 9 months ago henry's doctors told him he had 12 to 18 months to live. he has 20 months left


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